I. Heist, Secret and Maniac mystery rooms are able to accommodate teams of 2 to 5-6 players. 
Garden is the only outdoor escape room in Bucharest and Romania, a game for up to 14 players.

You can book one of the following game and tariff options:

1. The escape room game with clues the tariff varies depending on the number of participants from which your group is formed.

Time: 60 minutes for Heist, Secret and Maniac, 80 minutes for Garden 

Number of players Tariff/player Heist,
Secret, Maniac, Brainiac
7-14/20 players na 75 Ron 80 Ron
5-6 players 65 Ron 75 Ron 80 Ron
4 players 75 Ron 75 Ron 80 Ron
3 players 75 Ron 75 Ron 80 Ron
2 players 75 Ron NA NA

During the game, you have access to a "help" area, sets of additional clues that can guide you. You have access to several sets of additional clues that could guide you throughout the entire game. It is your choice which clues to use and when to use them BUT you can use a limited number of additional clues from the help area, not all of them! You did not come to look at the pictures but to put your mind in the game :)



2. The escape room game without clues has a fixed rate of 1RON / minute / person regardless of the number of participants, and the total price varies depending on the time it will take you to find the final key and escape. Groups of at least 3 people can participate.

Time: 75 minutes for Heist, Secret and Maniac, 100 minutes for Garden 

Solving time Probability Tariff / player
30 minutes 5% 30 x 0.75 = 22.5 Ron
45 minutes 30% 45 x 0.75 = 33.75 Ron
60 minutes 55% 60 x 0.75 = 60 Ron
75 minutes 10% 90 x 0.75 = 67.5 Ron

In this courageous version, you do not have the opportunity to access the "help" area. You can ask for help at certain times, but each additional clue it will cost you 5 or 10 minutes penalty. Ex: A group of 3 players manages to find the key from the room and stop the timer after 51 minutes. They asked for and received an additional clue along with a 5 minute penalty. The rate per person will be: (51 + 5) minutes x 0.75 RON / minute = 42 RON / player.


3. Escape room COLLABORATION for groups of at least 7 people, which means:

- Divide the group into a minimum of two teams, each in one room

- Similar to the no-clues option, the time is 75 minutes and the rate of 1 RON / minute / player

- As they progress, each group also gradually finds sets of clues for the room they play collaboratively. Thus, they can use the phone in the room to help the other group advance. And the other group might have a similar opportunity to return their favor on the first occasion :).

Please check here also the escape games from the other location we have in Bucharest near Cismigiu park. 

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Testimonials Mystery Rooms Escape

Group of happy escapees

Enygma, Conspiracy, BlueCave and Journey are really treasures :). I've played them on different days, with the same cheerful group, in that order you've recommended, and not only that it was the perfect combination of fun, challenge, surprise, it was really WOW. Thank you!

Corina U

Everything was perfect! Truly a successful team building, thank you!


Nice location, clever game!


Blue Cave or Mystic or what it's called ...UAU! I've never seen anything like it...


I'm not used to reviewing, but ... I did not think there was anything to get us out of laziness and apathy in our corporate teambuilding for two days. Somehow pushed from the back, we had to take part in another activity instead of drinking a beer ... Cautious and program-bound, 50 people walked out of the conference room asking ourselves when we could enjoy some free time during the two days of so-called teambuilding. We dragged our feet to the spot, we split our teams and ... DELETE! I do not know when it's been 2 hours! My friend or dear sir, I do not know what state you've been when you managed to compose the scenarios, but down the hat! We talked about it all day, all night, and I foresee x weeks after, and so on...