Heist & Secret: our newest challenges!

Heist and Secret, two new challenges on Popa NanStreet no.13, are waiting to be discovered!

At Mystery Rooms Escape you become the hero of your own adventure. The characters inside your mind come to life, either you become a seeker of secrets and truth or a renowned thief. 

Come alongside your friends cheerful and curious to discover our mysteries! We look forward to meeting you! 

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Enjoy special occasions at the Escape Room

   Whether it is about a gift, which will be found by the celebrated person, a message for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a surprise for a group of bachelors/ bachelorettes, a standard or customised moveable game  indoor or outdoor, for teambuilding or any other occasion, we only wait for your word.

   Celebrate your birthday with us and enjoy, you and your friends, the challenges of Mystery Rooms Escape, which will make your party exciting and unforgettable. It doesn’t matter if your 10-12 or 70, in our Escape Room you will have a bundle of fun firstly, because of our diversity and options that we offer and, secondly, because of the experience we have gained throughout the years, which has allowed us to create games in such a way that each minute spent in our escape will be lived to its fullest.

Events and team building Mystery Escape

   Are you planning to gather your team and spend some special time off together?
  To disconnect for a while from the business pace but as a team of friends as much as colleagues? 

  Mystery Escape Bucuresti could provide you the ideal activities to meet and exceed your expectation for a realy nice team building.

Category: Escape Room

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Testimonials Mystery Rooms Escape

Group of happy escapees

Enygma, Conspiracy, BlueCave and Journey are really treasures :). I've played them on different days, with the same cheerful group, in that order you've recommended, and not only that it was the perfect combination of fun, challenge, surprise, it was really WOW. Thank you!

Corina U

Everything was perfect! Truly a successful team building, thank you!


Nice location, clever game!


Blue Cave or Mystic or what it's called ...UAU! I've never seen anything like it...


I'm not used to reviewing, but ... I did not think there was anything to get us out of laziness and apathy in our corporate teambuilding for two days. Somehow pushed from the back, we had to take part in another activity instead of drinking a beer ... Cautious and program-bound, 50 people walked out of the conference room asking ourselves when we could enjoy some free time during the two days of so-called teambuilding. We dragged our feet to the spot, we split our teams and ... DELETE! I do not know when it's been 2 hours! My friend or dear sir, I do not know what state you've been when you managed to compose the scenarios, but down the hat! We talked about it all day, all night, and I foresee x weeks after, and so on...